Stick Squad 3 – Modern Shooter 2016

Stick Squad 3 – Modern Shooter - 2016 Download / Watch

EARN STARS & COMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTS Each mission offers 3 objectives and each objective has 3 levels of difficulty. Try to be the best stickman shooter and get 3 stars for each difficulty in each objective. Then boast your dominance on your favorite social network! FUNNY & ADDICTING STORY LINE Stick Squad 3 continues with our two appealing anti-heroes; Ron & Walker. Two completely different personalities, yet two of the best professional assassins around. We also introduce a new villain. —————————————————– KEY FEATURES ✔ Sift your targets in 20 new maps! ✔ New weapons to unlock! ✔ Realistic calibration of your sniper gun to compensate for wind and distance! ✔ Upgrade key specs of your weapons! ✔ Be precise in stressful hostage situations! ✔ Intense assault missions!

v 1.2.4
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