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لعبة سباق الطائرات رقم 1 في العالم !! . سوف تدخلك هذه اللعبة في رحلة البطولة في أكثر المطارات ازدحاما في العالم وتحدي أكبر الأسماء في هذه الرياضة. اللعبة تغطي مختلف المدن حول العالم، بامكانك إظهار مهارتك في الطيران وعليك أن تواجه الطائرات والطيارين الأخرين في تحديات مليئة بالإثارة والتشويق .

The Game is the no.1 air racing game worldwide! Brand new 2015 season. New planes, new pilots, new locations and two new types of tournaments, the 2015 Virtual World Championship & Regional World Tournaments ! Race to new limits with this breathtaking new 2015 update. Faster planes, bold new pilots and breathtaking new locations take you on the flight of your life. It takes using speed, precision and skill to claim victory in the global Red Bull Air Race Championship. Strap yourself in and download today!

PILOT TRAINING TO MASTER CLASS Quickly progress from Challenger Pilot to the Master Class across 200+ races, events and real pilot head to head rounds.

PILOT THE BEST PLANES Fly the fastest racing planes in the world. Designed to be as agile in the air as possible and streamlined to perfection. Visit the new hangar to improve your plane’s performance with plenty of modifications! Each pilot has their own specially engineered plane and custom paint job.

NEW REGIONAL TOURNAMENTS AND THE 2015 VIRTUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Will you join us on the podium this year?

The 2015 Virtual World Championship starts as we head to Chiba in Japan and winners of each round will win an exclusive prize from the Master Class pilot who takes the victory. The overall virtual World Champion will also be invited to Las Vegas to take their place on the podium and experience the thrill of a real flight in the racetrack! We’re excited to see just how good the world’s best virtual pilots are! You’re officially cleared into the track…

FLY LIKE A PRO Touch or Tilt controls, you decide. Effortlessly supports multiple control configurations for tilt and touchscreen. Accelerate, bank and pull vertical turns to earn a spot on the Red Bull Air Race podium

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حمّل ملف اللعبة APK و ملف الداتا OBB .
سوف تحتاج لبرنامج لفك الضغط ES File Explorer ، حمله من هنـــــا أو هنـــــا أو هنـــــا
قم بتثبيت اللعبة APK و لا تقم بفتحها .
فك الضغط عن ملف الداتا OBB بواسطة برنامج فك الضغط.
بعد فك الضغط قم بنقل المجلد "com.redbull.airrace" الي المسار “SDcard/android/obb“ في ذاكرة الهاتف

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